Blue Man Group paints the town with excitement

Reporter, Jodi Schlosberg, takes a selfie with a Blue Man.  Blue Man Group performed in Pueblo Sept. 18-19.
Reporter Jodi Schlosberg takes a selfie with a Blue Man. Blue Man Group performed in Pueblo Sept. 18-19.

The line outside the Memorial Hall in downtown Pueblo grew larger by the minute Thursday, and it was easy to see that there was an exciting show brewing inside. The eager audience was eventually allowed into the auditorium, after waiting patiently through a “technical difficulties” delay. They put on their protective ponchos and prepared for the unusual mess the Blue Man Group was about to present.

The Blue Man Group opened the show with massive splashes of Day-Glo paint spewing from the drums they pounded on. Waves of neon pink, purple and green splashed around the stage and into the crowd. Large screens with otherworldly projections enhanced the bizarre atmosphere.  The audience could not have been more enthused, and the energy in the theatre was intense.

As chaos erupted, the Blue Man Group doused the stage in their neon paints.  Vibrant percussion music was created with everything from Captain Crunch to common household piping. The synchronized drumming of the Blue Man Group meshed perfectly with the bands that were positioned in cages high above the stage. The music was a mix of rock and techno, and an electronic stick figure taught the audience dance moves and rock rules.

The only thing the spectators may have enjoyed more than the quirky music was how interactive the show was, incorporated the audience members themselves. Parts of the crowd were displayed on the flat screen above the stage, and they got up close and personal with a few audience members.

When the Blue Man Group created their beautiful Day-Glo art onstage, they would walk through the crowd and give an audience member the painting.

They even pulled two people up on the stage to perform. One woman sat and ate Twinkies with the Blue Men, which was more entertaining than it sounds.  Another man was doused in blue paint, hung upside down from ropes, and swung swiftly into a canvas. The end result was a wacky, human-paintbrush art piece that the man got to take home.

By the end of the show, the entire audience was up out of their seats dancing. The auditorium was filled with kids, teens and adults, all laughing until they cried. White streamers flew through the air, and six giant inflatable balls soared back and forth across the crowd. Kaleidoscopic images flashed on the screens, and the stick figure instructed the audience to “shake your groove thing, don’t stop.”

The Blue Man Group is an incredible show for absolutely everyone, regardless of their taste. Techno and rock music, hilarious sketches, psychedelic paintings and surreal visuals are just some of the exciting experiences the Blue Man Group has to offer.

The citizens of Pueblo made the Blue Man Group feel right at home, as if they were on a stage in New York City. It was clear the crowd could not get enough of this incredible show, and hopefully, it won’t be long before they return to perform again in Pueblo.