Blue Man Group performs this week in Pueblo


September brings the beginning of colder weather for Pueblo, Colorado, which certainly makes some people blue. However, being blue couldn’t be more appropriate this week as Pueblo kicks off the beginning of fall with a two-night, all-weird performance of the Blue Man Group.

Memorial Hall in downtown Pueblo will be hosting the world renowned Blue Man Group on Sept. 18-19. Pueblo is one of the first stops on the Blue Man Group’s national tour. Greeley, Canyon City and Denver are the only other cities in Colorado where the Group will perform.

There has been some concern buzzing around Pueblo, a relatively modest town, that the superstars of the Blue Man Group will feel out of place. Since they are used to performing in big, entertainment-packed cities like Chicago and New York, Pueblo may seem a bit small.

But Blue Man Group member Adam Zuick said those fears couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We are truly excited to be performing in Pueblo. The turnout should be pretty big, but even if it’s not that doesn’t matter, we are just excited to be performing.” Zuick said.

Pueblo is providing a new, unknown territory for the Group. The outcome of the shows will be a complete mystery, and the Blue Man Group is no stranger to the mysterious. The essence of the show is all that is strange, whisking the audience away to a more curious time in their lives.

“Get ready to have a great time,” Zuick said. “There is an innocence and playfulness that you don’t see in yourself everyday within our show. We are definitely bringing that to Pueblo.”

Those who want to witness the Blue Man Group this week in Pueblo should grab their tickets now at the Pueblo Memorial Hall. It’s a rare chance to see this outstanding show right in our own backyard.