Board of Governors in search of new chancellor


A charge of finding the new chancellor of the Colorado State University System was expected to be given at the Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, March, 4, but results are still unavailable.The process of finding a new chancellor began last month during five stakeholder meetings which took place along the Front Range. The meetings were held in Denver and at Colorado State University-Fort Collins and Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The meetings were inclusive but did allow for students, businesses and communities to give their input on the qualities and attributes they believe a chancellor should possess. 

The job description reflects the wishes of all stakeholders that were in attendance, said Michelle McKinny, who works in public relations for the CSU System Board of Directors, and the charge of finding a new chancellor is expected to be given to the search committee at their next meeting.

Currently the chancellor duties are retained by the current president of CSU-Fort Collins. The duties of the two positions are too demanding for any one individual to efficiently manage.  

The process of hiring a new chancellor can be found at the CSU System Board of Directors web site. It is following a standard of other systems that include more than one school it its system. 

The search committee members were chosen for their knowledge and understanding of complex billion dollar businesses, McKinny said.

Most of the committee members have volunteered their time. They include alumni and board members. Other staff members will be assisting as part of their regular job duties.  

Instead of outsourcing the job to a company to screen and hire a new chancellor the school is using the resources already available, and will save approximately $100,000.

Once the committee reviews applications and selects the persons whom they believe to be worthy, they will present the Board of Directors with a list of candidates.

Student’s voices will be represented and heard by the two student presidents that sit on the board of directors, Tyler Smoot, Student President at CSU-Fort Collins and David Fresquez, Student President at CSU-Pueblo, said McKinny.

Fresquez has recently spoken out saying the process should include more student involvement than at they are currently allowed.

The board will then have the ability to give input and narrow the list as they see necessary.

McKinny said open questioning of potential candidates is highly unlikely at this time, but there may be a possibility for it in the future.

The possibility of open questioning would be more pertinent when the candidates have been narrowed to a select few and they have an opportunity to travel to the campuses, McKinny said.  

The search committee and board have set a July 1 deadline to fill the position.