Brady to be ‘Manning’ up in Super Bowl


Here’s something new for you, a Super Bowl prediction. OK, maybe that’s not the case. Sports fans and non-sports fans alike have had two weeks to make predictions of their own.

Photo courtesy of phandroid.com.

Rather than making a case for which team is superior, this prediction is based on which quarterback will have the better game. In the end, Tom Brady will eclipse a great performance from Eli Manning by not only winning another Super Bowl but also by earning game MVP honors.

Some might worry about the play of Brady in the Patriots previous game in which they narrowly escaped defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. Though Brady completed 60 percent of his passes, he only threw for 239 yards, had two interceptions and zero touchdowns. Those stats only mustered Brady a quarterback rating of 57.5 percent.

Though his numbers were highly uncharacteristic, especially for a playoff game, don’t count on Brady having a back-to-back performance of this caliber.

The more you try to find ways to deny Brady’s greatness, the more you have to give it to him. If New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees hadn’t had the single best season an NFL quarterback has ever had, we could be saying the exact same thing about Brady.

There have only been four quarterbacks in NFL history to surpass the 5,000 yard mark. Both Brees and Brady passed for more yards than the previous record held by Dan Marino who passed for 5,084 yards in 1984.

Brees narrowly edged out Brady for the record, passing for 241 more total yards.

As for Manning, he ended up falling only 67 yards short of the 5,000 yard club himself. Many sports analysts have debated that Eli is not at the elite level of quarterback that his brother Peyton and Brady are. This year has been the toughest for his skeptics to argue against, not just for his stats, but also because he has lead his team to another Super Bowl showdown.

For as great of a quarterback that Peyton Manning is, he was only able to lead two of his Colts teams to the Super Bowl and only came away with one victory.

Eli has now matched his brother by leading two of his Giants teams to the title game, with the first one being a victory. Though Manning has become a great quarterback, the same fate awaits him as did Peyton in his second Super Bowl appearance.

Expect Manning to throw for two interceptions and two touchdowns in this game, and expect Brady to throw for three touchdowns and one interception.

The game will be high scoring so look for both quarterbacks to throw for over 300 yards. Brady reaching 400 yards would not be surprising.

While the game will be close, the battle of quarterbacks will be decisive. Not only will Brady pass for more yards, throw for more touchdowns and throw fewer interceptions, he will more importantly come away with a victory and his third Super Bowl MVP award, putting him in a tie with Joe Montana for the most all-time.