CF & I wants student volunteers


The Colorado Fuel and Iron Archives is looking for Colorado State University-Pueblo students to volunteer at the steel mills and at the museum.

Volunteers are needed to move boxes, enter data into the computer system for indexing material from the collections, organize old historic ledgers and organize the book
CF&I archives. photo by Andi Torguson
CF&I archives. photo by Andi Torguson


“We can find many things for history students to do and that is something where I would want to talk to them to see what exactly they are interested in so I could tailor something to their interests,” said Tim Hawkins, the Archivist at the Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture.

Fawn Montoya, assistant professor in history at CSU-Pueblo, has already sent in some history students to assist with the numerous categories that the archives need assistance with.

“I would love to find a business student interested in helping put together a business plan for marketing the archives as well,” Hawkins said.

Rick Kreminski, dean of the math and science department at CSU-Pueblo, mentioned some possibilities for some science students to come in and help.

“If there were some science students who were interested in more of the environmental sciences that have to do with land and water resource issues it would be nice and educational for them to help out,” Hawkins said.

photo by Andi Torguson
photo by Andi Torguson

CF&I was at one point the largest private land owner in Colorado and there are many records that have to do with land owning, water rights and mining claims.

“We would love volunteers that are interested in working with the public,” said Victoria Miller, the curator of museum. “Maybe volunteers that are in education majors or history majors that could help out with the tours of the museum.”

“We are also in need of volunteers for the gift shop and for mailing out documents for the museum,” Miller said.

Volunteers for the museum would also go to elementary schools and do presentations as well as hands on activities with the students.

“I also do have a small amount of money that I would be willing to pay if we were to find some qualified interns that were ready for a serious type of commitment,” Hawkins said.