Changes are underway at CSU-Pueblo


There are changes coming for Colorado State University-Pueblo due to the recent retirements of our beloved faculty. The retirements of Bruce Gifford, dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management, and Dr. Lin Chang, director of Institutional Research, have caused the need to reorganize the senior administrative level that will help save with costs, also while making sure that these units continue to run efficiently. 

Dr. Rick Kreminski will be appointed as acting director of Institutional Research beginning July 1. Dr. Kreminski has been a great help in assisting with data collection and analysis. His expertise is important to the continuation of the PREP process, assessment, program reviews and university wide retention and enrollment management initiatives. Dr. Kreminski will also be asked to conduct a holistic review of the IR office and its functions during this transition period so they can find ways to maximize the effectiveness of the unit going forward.

In addition to Dr. Kreminski taking over as acting director of Institutional Research, he will also resume his role as dean of the College of Science and Mathematics on July 15, holding both responsibilities.

Currently there is a search going on for a new vice president of Student Services and Enrollement Management to replace Bruce Gifford. The two student services and enrollment management positions of dean and associate dean are being reorganized and being replaced with a vice president of Student Services and Enrollment Management and a dean of Student Life.

Marjorie Villani will become acting dean of Student Life with these reorganizations. She is also planning to retire within the next few months as she takes over while the search is being conducted. The new vice president of Student Services and Enrollment Management will take over for the search for a dean of Student Life.

Due to the resignation of LaNeeca Williams, a search will begin for a fulltime director of Diversity and Inclusiveness to continue the commitment to diversity at CSU-Pueblo. The person who is chosen will continue to work with the University Board for Diversity and Equality, and oversee the Diversity Resource Center and its programming. The needs for AA/EEO and Title X have yet to be addressed. AA/EEO will temporarily reside with Human Resources.

Many factors came into play while making these changes, cost saving being one of them. PREP conclusions have also been taken into consideration, individuals already here who are capable of performing these duties, and the ongoing commitment to creating the most efficient and effective administrative structure for Colorado State University-Pueblo.

We thank all faculties who have stepped in to take over certain duties. With all of these changes taking place, it can only create an opportunity for a better future for students here at CSU-Pueblo.