Comedian Adam Ray visits CSU-Pueblo

Comedian Adam Ray visited Colorado State University- Pueblo on April 24. Photo courtesy of http://irvine.improv.com/

Comedian Adam Ray visited Colorado State University- Pueblo on April 24.

Ray is featured in the upcoming Hollywood movie called “The Heat,” starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

The Office of Student Activities at CSU-Pueblo organized the comedy night; the doors for the event were opened at 6: 30 p.m., and Ray’s performance started at 7: 15 p.m.

The evening consisted of a decent crowd comprised mostly of the student body along with a few faculty and Pueblo community members.

“It was a good show and he interacted with the audience really well,” said Arika Waldrep, a CSU-Pueblo student.

Ray started his performance by making jokes about the foreign tourist visiting Disneyland, whom he noticed taking pictures of everything during his time working there.

“Those foreign tourists would not even bless the bushes at Disneyland, as they would keep clicking their cameras to capture those bushes, even though I am positive they have bushes in their own countries,” Ray said.

In his other jokes, he made fun of his ex-roommates and the awkward situations he would get into with them, along with the presence of Olive Garden in Alaska, and the people going crazy about it to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. He also did a dialog about an 80-year-old lady doing a weather forecast on TV.

“He was way better than other comedians, as he is really polished like a professional and we need more comedians like him,” Professor Joe McKinney said.

While presenting jokes on kids, he tried to copy the expression of a young kid who would discover that Santa Claus doesn’t exist in reality, to how confused he was when his nephew asked him to make the voice of a zebra.

“The show was hilarious, and he was very interactive and easy going comedian,” said David Clair II, a student at CSU-Pueblo.

Ray also made the whole auditorium laugh through his jokes about a Barbie doll, whose leg was broken, and a kid would try stretching the leg to make sure it fit in the joint well, pretending Barbie has got a serious wound.

“He was funnier than the last male comedian we had, and I am glad that he did a way decent task with the comedy than the rest of other comedians who have come to CSU-Pueblo,” said Alexis King, OSA staff member.

Upon ending the almost two hours of continuous humor, Ray thanked the people of Pueblo for supporting him by coming to his show and also for being a respectful audience.

“Pueblo community has a great comedic sense of ability, and I had a great time since everybody was so awesome. I do a lot of standout comedy in different parts of the United States and the reason why I do so is because I love to go out to new places. After coming to CSU- Pueblo, I would like to find my own Thunderwolf one day,” Ray said.

He also requested the audience members to go and watch his upcoming movie “The Heat,” which will be releasing on June 28, 2013 in the United States.

“My upcoming film is a comedy, and I am playing the role of a bad guy. The name of the movie is ‘The Heat’ and it is going to be my first big movie, where I will be seen with Sandra Bullock. Before my big break, I used to work at the theme park and I am really excited for getting my big break,” Ray said.