Comic book ‘Seduth’ by Clive Barker not for the faint of heart


Clive Barker is back in the comic book world after nearly 20 years. “Seduth” is a one-shot, two-cover, three-dimensional comic book published through Idea + Design Works, LLC. (IDW). It is not your average comic book. It portrays the uglier and finer things in life using flies and diamonds from cover to cover.
Barker is known for his grotesque works which can be read. Such works can be read in his large library of multimedia art works.

He has published many books, movies and  video games. But he has returned to the comic book industry with “Seduth,”  a multimedia genius with which Barker continues to engulf his readers and fans.

The nature of life and death that is portrayed in “Seduth” is displayed in an extremely graphic nature. It shows a child born through what can only be described as a caesarean section from hell.

It also shows a woman being engulfed in flames, a man being stabbed in the throat and diamond shards piercing through people’s faces. The comic book by Barker gives a new meaning to “blood diamond”.

“Seduth” is a light-read. It is straight-forward and to the point. The beginning is the end. It shows a form of evolution.

 It has crucifixion pages which might not be suitable for easily disturbed people. This comic book definitely walks a fine line of non-fiction and fiction. It takes a surrealistic approach the average comic book reader may not be accustomed to.

Barker along with Chris Monfette, Robb Humphreys, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos, Neil Uyetake, Chris Ryall and Ray Zone created “Seduth.” The 3D effects in this comic book are visually stunning. Images appear off and on the page simultaneous. The words pop out and are clear while pictures give the readers a sense of shock and awe.

“Seduth” is filled with classic Barker material: murder, mystery and mayhem. It proves Barker hasn’t lost his imagination and his imagination is triumphant throughout the book.

“Seduth” is meant for mature readers due to graphic language and  content.