Community Colleges toured CSU-Pueblo


Colorado State University-Pueblo invited students from five Southern Colorado community colleges to take a tour of the campus.

CSU-Pueblo Executive Assistant to President Joe Garcia, Trisha Macias said about 250 students attended the event, which was held Saturday, Sept. 26. It was an opportunity for two-year students to see the campus.

The students met Dean of College of Education, Engineering and Professional Studies, Hector Carrasco; Dean of College of Science and Mathematics, Richard Kreminski; and Dean of College of Humanities and Social Science, Roy Sonnema and learned about the university’s services.

Macias said it will be an annual event and expand into sports as well. She meant the event would aim toward sports. The students can see the several aspects of the campus such as: the facilities, housing and academic programs. It would allow students transfer to the university to finish their education.

Macias said Garcia thought of the idea for the event because he wanted more community college students to transfer to the university.

Students toured the campus, talked to staff and were provided lunch in the recreation center.

The colleges included: Lamar Community College, Otero Junior College, Pikes Peak Community College, Pueblo Community College and Trinidad State Junior College.

Hannah Hale, 17, a freshman from Otero Junior College said she liked how close the campus is to her parents’ houses, each of which is less than an hour away. The appearance was one aspect she said was attractive to her.

“I like all of the trees and flowers and the landscape is really nice,” Hale said.

Hale said both of her parents and step-father attended CSU-Pueblo.

Monika Frieson, 19, a freshman from Otero Junior College, attended and said what she likes about the university is the programs. She said she is looking for a university with a safe environment and helpful staff.

“I like the programs that are offered as a psychology major,” Frieson said. “I look for, of course, the activities and I want to make sure that it’s a good area. I look to see if the staff is friendly and willing to help me and cooperate with me.”