Computer labs are a mess


milly-spady_thumbnail1.jpgLike every student attending Colorado State University-Pueblo, I pay technology fees.

Lately I have been using the computer lab in the Occhiato University Center to do some last minute homework and I have noticed that the keyboards are covered in grime from food and dirty hands.

The computer screens are covered in fingerprints and dust as well. Looking around I thought to myself that I shouldn’t be complaining about my grime covered computer as I saw many students leaving because they couldn’t find a computer in the lab that worked.

comp-image2.JPGBeing a penny pincher, I started to wonder where these technology fees I pay for are actually going.

They certainly aren’t going to the cleanliness or the maintenance of the computer lab in the OUC. 

Technology fees are only $3.30 per credit hour, but that rounds out to about $50 a semester for me. So in my one and a half years at CSU-Pueblo, I’ve paid at least $150 in technology fees and by the time I’m done with college I will have paid close to $400.

If every student that attends CSU-Pueblo pays as much or close to what I pay for technology fees, there should be enough money in fees to fix the computers in the labs, keep them clean, have a paid person monitor the labs to make sure food is kept away from the computers and students are using the computers properly.

Students aren’t innocent in the downfall of the performance of the computers in the labs. If students were more responsible in taking care of the computers by not eating or drinking around them or cold booting them, the computers would be in better shape.