Construction of new buildings expected soon

Photo courtesy of colostate-pueblo.edu
Photo courtesy of colostate-pueblo.edu

Colorado State University-Pueblo is in the process of rebuilding the university’s soccer/lacrosse field and constructing a new academic building.

Both construction projects are set to begin developing in late spring 2014 and are expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

The new academic building will cost approximately $16 million and will be funded by the State of Colorado Capital Development Committee, according to Cora Zaletel, the executive director of the Office External Affairs at CSU-Pueblo.

The academic building will be 40,000 square feet and provide larger instructional space with the flexibility to serve today’s growing curriculum and student needs. The building will be designed and constructed to a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Standard.

The new general classroom building will also include two large lecture auditoriums, each capable of seating 135 students; six new classrooms, each capable of seating 50 to 75 students; a two-story glass lobby containing an open-use technology lab, coffee shop and lounge areas; and three new computer labs.

“The general classroom building should be as exciting for current students as it is for prospective students because it will provide one answer to requests from students and faculty alike to upgrade classrooms and provide additional collaborative student study space,” Zaletel said.

Photo courtesy of colostate-pueblo.edu.
Photo courtesy of colostate-pueblo.edu.

The new lacrosse field will cost approximately $3 million to construct and will be built at the location of the old field. It is set to contain six locker rooms with four designated for the home team and two for the visitors. The stadium will also feature a synthetic turf field and hold up to 450 people.

Zaletel believes the introduction of these new sports and academic building has the potential to attract new students.

“I think the addition of six new intercollegiate sports will definitely attract attention in the same fashion as when we brought back football, wrestling, and women’s track and field. When you combine that with a brand new facility for lacrosse and soccer, it’s a strong incentive, especially for athletes in those sports,” Zaletel said.