Counseling Center gets new location


cc.jpgThe CSU-Pueblo Student Counseling Center moved its office from the basement of the Occhiato University Center to room 236 on the second floor of the Psychology building. The new location will provide students with a more comfortable atmosphere and more private setting.

“We’re very excited to get out of the basement and move to a warmer office where the sun shines and to a place where students have a comfortable feeling about the confidentiality of their visit,” said Fred Schultz, director of the counseling center.

The constant traffic in the Experiential Learning Center, Student Activities and the Cantina made students leery of utilizing the counseling center.

“Many students refrained from using the available services because of the exposure of being in place of a social gathering, rather than a place designed for problems and personal issues,” Shultz said.

The counseling center is designed to provide students with free services to help them to fully understand issues that may become obstacles in their academic process. The counselors offer guidance to assist students in making choices to make their lives happier, enjoyable and more productive.

Confidentiality is stressed at the SCC. Students rely on knowing that their session will not effect their academic records. The only exceptions to confidentiality would be cases involving child abuse, harmful threats to oneself or to others or behavior that indicates high risk actions.

Some of the services provided by SCC include dealing with stress, depression, difficulty with classes, test taking anxiety, relationship problems, addictions and eating disorders.
Every person entering the SCC is informed of treatment options. Each student is accepted no matter what emotional state he or she is in. All students are treated with compassion, honor and respect. Counselors also accept the values and beliefs of each student unconditionally.

Schultz and Barbara Hadley, a counselor and lecturer, have extensive training and counseling experience with college students. They reflect much of the diversity that is found on the CSU-Pueblo campus and are committed to meeting the specific needs of all students from a various backgrounds.

The SCC is available to walk-ins providing there is time available for a meeting. When a student walks through the counseling doors, Schultz and Hadley answer any questions a student may have. However, they may still schedule you an appointment to make sure they have enough time to cover any problems that arise.

The SCC is open for counseling sessions from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Shultz also carries a emergency pager for students currently receiving counseling services.

“Currently, there is approximately 15 percent of CSU-Pueblo students taking advantage of the counseling services that are provided,” Shultz said. With the new visibility in the Psychology building, the Student Counseling Center hopes to increase usage by students who were not aware that they can receive assistance.

“If you want to stop in to look around the Student Counseling Center, we’ll be happy to show anyone our new offices and answer any questions about the services we provide,” Shultz said.

For more information call 549-2859 to set-up an appointment or drop in room 236 of the Psychology building for a personal visit.