CSU-Pueblo, an experience of life time

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Talha Qureshi has only been a CSU-Pueblo student since the third week of the fall 2012 semester. File photo

While coming to Colorado State University-Pueblo as an international transfer student, all the way from Pakistan, I was both excited and nervous as in what this experience was going to be.

In one sentence, I can summarize this whole experience as turning out to be way better than what I would have imagined.

Due to visa issues, I came to Colorado during the third week of the fall 2012 semester, and was very lucky that I not only got registered into desired classes, but also ended up finding work.

The day when my employers told me that they believe in my skills and abilities to carry out work at their office, I realized that this truly is the land of opportunities.

It was only a month after I came to the United States, when I heard that the vice president of the United States was visiting Pueblo, Colo. for his political campaign for the 2012 presidential elections.

I don’t have words to explain my feelings when I met Joe Biden personally and he ended up wishing me a very happy stay in the United States.

It was also an honor when the director of the Center for International Programs offered me the position of president for the CSU-Pueblo International Students Association. This position was a lot of work and required commitment in bringing international students on campus closer to the local students and Pueblo community members.

I am happy that, as I complete the position of CISA’s presidency successfully after a year, I have accomplished organizing events such as, international movie nights, outdoor trips, game nights, fund raisers, karaoke nights and the 75th Annual Food and Cultural Extravaganza.

It was definitely an honor and source of pride for me to receive the recognition at the extravaganza for completing the term as the 75th President of CISA successfully, and receiving all the appreciation for the hard work and dedication.

However, the most important part of this year came when I received the selection letter from the United Nations Cultural Committee for being selected as the liaison officer for the United States at the New York Model United Nations to be held at U.N headquarters, over spring break.

The experience of being at the U.N. headquarters as an American ambassador was itself the biggest honor I have ever received in my life.