CSU-Pueblo bus service limited to one stop


Three minus two equals one.

Yes, it is simple math and the answer equates to Colorado State University-Pueblo having only one official bus stop on campus beginning Jan. 25, according to a letter received by Joanne Ballard of the CSU-Pueblo Office of Finance and Administration on Jan. 6, via Brenda Boyles, director of transit for Pueblo Transit.

In previous years, Pueblo Transit offered three bus stops on campus for students and staff. The route options have since been narrowed down to just one stop located at the Bonforte Avenue entrance next to the Buell Communications Center.

The recent decision has put an end to bus stops located at the north parking lot and the pickup near Walking Stick at Hoag Hall, Boyles said.

“Both the Belmont and University routes have experienced an increase in ridership and it has become difficult to maintain the published routes,” Boyles said.

In order for Pueblo Transit to offer well-timed and consistent service to its customers on the routes it serves, there was a need to “eliminate the bus stops…” at the CSU-Pueblo campus, Boyles said.

Boyles did acknowledge the distance students and staff would have to walk in order to access the one remaining bus stop provided on campus, but also mentioned that CSU-Pueblo “is one of a few locations on our entire system that is provided with 30 minute headway service.”

The Bonforte Avenue stop offers both “safe access for the buses and a bus shelter provides safety and comfort for passengers and students,” Boyles said.