CSU-Pueblo gets a taste of French culture


National French Week begins Thursday with various events happening on campus. Photo courtesy of morguefile.com.
While the events this week help meet diversity requirements at CSU-Pueblo, Audrey Dehdouh professor of French, said it’s a win-win because the events scheduled will be fun and educational.

“(It) increases our campus community’s understanding and appreciation of the Francophone world therefore increasing our community’s multi-cultural competencies,” Dehdouh added.

Several events relevant to the French will take place at CSU-Pueblo this week for National French Week.

Events will focus around the language, the food, and the various aspects of French culture.

“National French Week promotes the cultural and academic enrichment of our campus community,” said Dehdouh.

The American Association of Teachers of French organizes national French week and has become an annual event. The event is in its thirteenth year.

Events have been planned entirely by students with exception to the of the movie night “Les Choristes”. The move is part of the Foreign Move Night Series, which takes place each year at CSU-Pueblo.

“As a student, I hope to learn more about the French culture, meet some of the students who are involved with the events of the week, and find some people who aren’t taking French classes but who are interested in the culture,” said freshman Kalee Henshaw, president of the French club.

“The students leading events during National French Week are mostly students minoring in French,” said Dehdouh.

CSU-Pueblo only offers a French minor, but Dehdouh said it has been fairly popular with the number of students minoring in French has doubled in just one year. Students have gotten involved with the French culture by starting a French Club as well as studying abroad.

“In the last year, six students set foot in the French-speaking world where they learnt tremendously, and were awarded academic credit,” Dehdouh said.

The events to be featured this week are as follows:

1. Thursday 8 November (12:00-12:50): Learn about Studying abroad in Saint-Étienne
Location: OUC 206 Monarch
2. Thursday 8 November (1:00-1:50): Tails, Scales, and Quails, Oh My! Wildlife of the French Speaking World.
Location: OUC 206 Monarch
3. Thursday 8 November (2:00-2:50): Foods of the French-speaking world
Location: OUC 206 Monarch
4. Thursday 8 November (3:00-3:50): An “Eiffel” lot of marshmallows
Location: OUC 206 Monarch
5. Thursday 8 November (7:00-9:00): Movie night “Les Choristes”
Location: John L. Garcia Jr. Language Center (PSY 147)
6. Friday 9 November (12:00-12:50): French poetry slam
Location: OUC 205 Serena
7. Friday 9 November (2:00-2:50): Un Français à Paris (A French guy in Paris)
Location: John L. Garcia Jr. Language Center (PSY 147)
8. Friday 9 November (3:00-3:50): Information on International Study Abroad
Location: John L. Garcia Jr. Language Center (PSY 147)
9. Friday 9 November (7:00-8:00): Faisons la fête! (Let’s party!)
Location: John L. Garcia Jr. Language Center (PSY 147)
10. Tuesday 13 November (6:00-9:00): Soirée “Moulin Rouge” – voulez-vous regarder un film avec moi ce soir? (Would you like to watch a movie with me ?)
Location : John L. Garcia Jr. Language Center (PSY 147)
11. Wednesday 14 November (7:00-9:00): Cafe du Soir- French- French games, music, and food (build your own waffle “gaufre”).
Location: Greenhorn Lobby