CSU-Pueblo gets an international taste of culture

Countries represented at the International Food and Cultural Extravaganza. Photo by Today photographer, Tyler Shomaker.

On Friday, April 12, the Occhiato University Center was filled with local residents and international students to celebrate cultural diversity, for the International Food and Cultural Extravaganza.

The event offered food from all over the world, presented clothing worn in foreign countries and played music that someone would have to travel to another country to hear.

The event featured foods from all over the world, as two tables were made up of a potluck of food from over 20 different countries. It was an opportunity for local residents and students to try something new.

The mission of this event was for all of these people to gather and embrace each other’s culture. One look around the place and people representing countries from the other side of the planet could be seen.

The officers of the CSU-Pueblo International Students Association put the extravaganza together. These individuals were honored with certificates for their hard work and continued efforts to close racial gaps in the community.

“For the past 75 years, CISA has been organizing the extravaganza to bring international students closer to the local students and community members of Pueblo,” said Talha Qureshi, the president of CISA. “We hope to promote international tolerance and celebrate all cultures.”

During the middle of the event, the host took a moment to remember Madeline Casaus for her contributions as the administrative assistant for the Center for International Programs. People silenced and watched as the CISA members started a slideshow of pictures to commemorate Casaus.

Music played all throughout the event, but for those who hadn’t had enough, a performance exhibited the talent of students who were willing to perform. There were singers from Korea, a pianist from Thailand and dancers performing dances from Mexico.

The “Supporter of the Year” award was given to Juleen Edwards for her continuous effort to help support the international students of CSU-Pueblo.

fashion show
Fashion show at the International Food and Cultural Extravaganza. Photo by Today photographer, Tyler Shomaker.

Fashion was another theme that took place during the event as the fashion show begun. Models strutted down the runway and showed off the apparel of many different countries. Most of the clothing was from the Middle East and this clothing offered a look that most people might not see being worn around Colorado.

I was very nervous about the fashion show, especially it being an international fashion show,“ Talha Qureshi said. “But I am glad it went well and thankful to all the models and make-up artists for their support.”

The International Food and Cultural Extravaganza is the longest running annual event at CSU-Pueblo, now that it has reached 75 years. The event can be expected to take place during the spring semester of 2014 and anyone can volunteer to help with the event.

For more information about the CISA or the “International Food and Cultural Extravaganza,” email Annie Williams, at annie.williams@colostate-pueblo.edu.