CSU-Pueblo hosts MatchWits competition

RMPBS hosts Matchwits  Photo courtesy of Dustin Cox
RMPBS hosts Matchwits
Photo courtesy of Dustin Cox

MatchWits, a game show style competition for high school students, has been bringing schools throughout Colorado together for years to compete on TV.

The program is produced by Rocky Mountain PBS on campus at CSU-Pueblo.

This competition, which is in its 30th season, invited schools from all over the state to compete for the second time.

There are three different rounds to the quiz show including a championship round, where prizes can be won.

Rounds include toss-up questions, which allow individual players to answer for their school and speed round questions where each school works as a team to answer as many questions as possible in a short period of time.

Students have the opportunity to share their knowledge of subjects including English, history, geography, science, current events and math.

Some competitors and their families stayed at and explored CSU-Pueblo’s campus during the competition.

Scott Jones, Rocky Mountain PBS producer and director and professor at CSU-Pueblo, explained that the competition started in 1977.

Although the show has not been on air for 30 consecutive years, it has always had roots at CSU-Pueblo.

“The university has been a part of the show since the very beginning,” Jones said.

CSU-Pueblo welcomed the newest opportunity to host this competition not only because it is a way to promote to the school, but also because it gives CSU-Pueblo the chance to show other schools and the community the resources it has available.

One reason CSU-Pueblo is the top choice to host Matchwits is its unique broadcasting system. CSU-Pueblo is the only university in the state that has a full broadcasting station on campus, making it an easy choice for a game show like Matchwits.

Matchwits airs on Sunday, Jan. 4. It will air for 15 weeks at 6:30 p.m. from January to the middle of April, as well as online at rmbs.org.