CSU-Pueblo Reveals the 2010 Homecoming Court


CSU-Pueblo released the list of students who ran for the 2010 homecoming court. The students are a diverse group of students from across the campus. 

The students were Daisy Mendoza, a junior majoring in Spanish; Ashley Losoya, a junior majoring in accounting; Aimee Stilson, a health promotion and wellness major and Karina de Andia, a graduate student majoring in business management.

Other students who ran are Normandy Fernandez, a junior majoring in psychology; Rafeal Elliott, a junior majoring in biology; Adam Herrera, a junior majoring in sociology/criminology and Cam MacDonald, a sophomore majoring in accounting.

Ashley Losoya said she ran because she can represent the school and be a good role model. Losoya said if she won, she would become more involved with the school and meet new people.

Adam Herrera said he was nominated by the Greek council to run for homecoming court.  

Aimee Stilson and Adam Herrera were crowned Homecoming King and Queen at the football game. Photo by Josiah Rodriguez

“I’m in Kappa Sigma Fraternity here on campus and they wanted the Greek community to be more involved in something so they nominated me,” Herrera said.

Herrera said if he won, he would get the campus more familiar with the Greek community.

“What I want to try and do is to get our name out there more and try to grow. We’re really trying to work to promote Greek life on campus,” Herrera said.

Daisy Mendoza, the 2009 Fiesta Queen, said if she won homecoming queen, she would continue what she has always done, which is being involved on campus. Mendoza said good examples of a homecoming king and queen would be people who are involved in the university.

Mendoza said if students want to run for next year’s homecoming court, all they have to do is get involved and do things like to events and work hard to become homecoming court. 

Natasha Romero, the Office of Student Activities events manager, said she thought the turnout for homecoming court was good this year and there would be a close number of votes.

Romero said she thought students should run so they could represent the school and help other students become interested in the school.

Romero said the students on homecoming court applied in several different ways.

“This year, we did nominations, or (they) could pick up a packet. Most of our candidates were nominated by a teacher, club or organization,” Romero said.

Romero said the students who win homecoming king and queen are crowned at the coronation ceremony during halftime at the homecoming game.

 Romero said the homecoming king and queen have duties after they are crowned.

“Students have to try and attend certain events and represent the school,” Romero said.