CSU-Pueblo senior challenges students to become “Campus-preneurs”

Mike Marino promotes his book, "Campus-preneur."
Mike Marino promotes his book, “Campus-preneur.”

Although most college students seem to be living from paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by and begging their parents for extra spending money, one student is breaking free from the typical life of a broke college student.

Senior Mass Communications major and professional keynote speaker Mike Marino believes that, even if you are in college, you don’t need to live off Ramen noodles. In his book, “Campus-preneur,” he teaches students how to become young entrepreneurs by doing simple things around their campuses.

“Most college students think that money isn’t everything, and it isn’t. However, money does allow you to have better health care, better clothes, better transportation, a better house and most importantly, it buys you choices,” he said.

In his book, Marino explains exactly how he went from feeling hopeless and even suicidal to speaking and inspiring millions of young adults across the country every day.

As student body president in high school, Marino was handed a microphone and given the responsibility of speaking to the incoming freshmen. Suddenly, he had a realization: with that microphone he could send any message he wanted to his peers, and he wanted that message to be one with value. From then on, he had a passion for helping people. His desire was to help people get to where they want to be in life.

When his freshman year of college rolled around, he realized that his friends were not handling their money wisely and were living the “broke college student” life. Determined to show people that there is a better way to get through college than by starving, he picked up a pen and began writing his book.

“College students are more financially illiterate now than ever,” said Marino. “You look at student debt and it’s at an all-time high. Students are graduating with over $100,000 in student loans. With this book I’m teaching college students how to manage their money, which colleges do not teach.”

Marino’s book is extremely helpful, not only to the broke college student, but to everyone else that needs help getting ahead. “Campus-preneur” outlines problems that all people face at some point in their lives and offers helpful, doable solutions to those problems. A high school senior or a businessman that might have graduated years ago could pick this book up and learn something valuable, which was Marino’s goal.

The 93-page book it is an easy read for just about everybody, chock-full of life lessons. There is even a bonus chapter called “21 Ways to Make Ramen and Like It.”  For the stubborn students who don’t think they would benefit from reading the book, they should try the mac-and-cheese recipe.

Mike Marino’s book, “Campus-preneur: How to Have More Fun, More Money, and Survive College Without Starving To Death” has already been successful. It has received rave reviews and is available through Frisco Publishing.