CSU-Pueblo spring intramural programs in full swing


 The spring intramural sports season is upon us.

Several Colorado State University-Pueblo students arrived at the campus swimming pool on Feb. 16 for a game of water basketball.

The contest was the latest of many special events that have been put on by the university’s department of intramural programs in recent weeks.

There were many long-distance shots, alley-oops and slam dunks attempted and made by the competitors as they waded in the water.

The intramural program provides CSU-Pueblo students with an opportunity to relax and take their minds off school for a couple of hours. It also allows students a chance to socialize and meet new people, according to Jared Pacheco, the special events coordinator for the university’s intramural program.

“The number of people we have isn’t that important to us,” Pacheco said. “If the students who come out are having a good time and getting a break from school, our job is being accomplished.”

Special events, such as an upcoming volleyball tournament and a Nintendo Wii bowling tournament, are on the horizon. The competitions are held weekly at the student recreation center and typically see a turnout of 10-20 students.

Some events that have been held in previous spring semesters include a game of dodgeball, a basketball 3-point shootout and video game tournaments.

Events are advertised through campus e-mail, fliers posted around the university and are also posted on the main page of the TWOLF student portal on the university’s Web site.

Some students, such as Adam Trahan, hear about events through word-of-mouth advertising.


“One of my friends said he was coming, and it sounded like it would be fun so I came with him,” Trahan said.

Trahan also stated that the events would be a lot more fun if more students came to them.

“It could be something fun for us to do every Monday night,” Trahan said.


Anyone who is interested in upcoming events can contact the student recreation center by calling 549-2085.