CSU-Pueblo students abide by new set of policies at residence halls

CSU-Pueblo has a new Housing Handbook.
CSU-Pueblo has a new Housing Handbook.

New policies have been instated this school year for the residence halls at Colorado State University-Pueblo.  All four residence halls, consisting of Belmont Hall, Crestone Hall, Culebra Hall, and Greenhorn Hall are affected.

Junior business major Jonothan Stephenson, a former desk assistant, says that one of the major changes in Resident Life and Housing is concerning guests.

“If you have someone over in your room that you did not sign in, it would be considered as breaking housing policy,” said Stephenson.

The Resident Life and Housing Handbook under Visitors and Cohabitation states:

Visitation is when a guest (any person who does not reside in the same hall as the resident) visits a resident in their room. All guests must register at the front desk and be accompanied by a host/hostess who lives in that Residence Hall. A student may only register a guest in the hall in which they live. A resident registers their guest at the front desk by presenting their CSU-Pueblo identification card and their guest’s picture ID.

“The dorms seem to be more tense with policies as such,” said Stephenson. “When the cameras were installed, everyone would walk by the desk and say how they felt invaded and a lack of privacy.”

Mitchell Tenorio-West, a junior sociology-criminology major said the new policies in the dorms are awful considering it’s such a hassle bringing in guests simply to hang out or study.

“I understand that they are trying to keep security up and all, but it’s making it difficult to get around,” said Tenorio-West.

Tenorio-West has lived in the dorms since his freshman year. This fall semester will be the beginning of his third year in the residence halls.

“It isn’t allowing people in the dorms to branch out or have fun with the other dorms if your friends are there or just want to hang out,” says Tenorio-West. “It’s now complicated where you have to sign the person in just to have fun for a little.”

Barrington Burnett, a freshman living in Culebra Hall said he enjoys living in the dorms.

“I have met a lot of people, which is nice,” said Burnett. “I feel that not being able to go to other dorms is a little weird, but I like that I can do laundry for free because older students have told me that used to not be the case.”

For more information regarding the new policies at residence halls, call 719-549-2602 or email Housing@csupueblo.edu.