Students discover campus opportunities


dday.jpgProspective students converged on CSU-Pueblo to participate in Discover Day, a bi-annual event that gives participants an opportunity to experience all that the university has to offer.

Approximately 230 prospective students attended the event, which took place on Friday, Nov. 9. Participants received guided tours of campus, met with advisors and attended a club fair.

Associate Director of Visitor and Transfer Center Dana Trujillo said this semester’s Discover Day was one of the largest ever.

“I’m so proud of how this day has grown.” Trujillo said. “Discover Day is important because we want to get students on campus to see what we have to offer.”

Trujillo said that Discover Day always has a very positive effect on students. Many of those who attend and like the campus will apply that same day.

Rather than having schools bus students in the Visitor and Transfer Center sent information about Discover Day to individual high school students across Colorado. This gave students the opportunity to bring friends and family with them to the school.

The Visitor and Transfer Center also sent a charter bus to Denver to pick up any students from the Denver area who wanted to attend.

Transfer students were also welcome at the event. Laura Briscoe, a transfer student from Trinidad State Junior College, said that she enjoyed the day and found the tour to be very informative.

Students from Pikes Peak Community College and Pueblo Community College also attended Discover Day.

Monika Shover, one of the student ambassadors who lead the campus tours, said  Discover Day is one of the most important and exciting days for the ambassadors.

“It’s so much fun meeting everybody and encouraging them to choose our school.” Shover said. She also said that Student Ambassadors spend all year training for Discover Day, focusing mainly on honing customer service skills.

Shover said that the main difference between Discover Day and a normal tour was the size of the group. The tours are also slightly longer and more in depth, as the students get a chance to talk to advisors.

Those in attendance were given major-specific tours, meeting with advisors from their chosen field and attending question and answer panels concerning their potential majors and careers.  

A financial aid presentation was also given, and students were presented with different options to choose the financial aid program that would be right for them.

A catered lunch was served after which attendees were given the opportunity to browse the club fair, which featured booths representing many of the different clubs on campus.

The club fair gave prospective students a chance to see some of the extra-curricular activities that CSU-Pueblo offers.

Students who are interested in becoming student ambassadors are welcome to apply, Shover said. Applicants must have been enrolled in CSU-Pueblo for at least a semester and should have good customer service skills.

Another Discover Day will be held in March.