Double Bastard beer review


usa-stone-double-bastard2.jpgHello everyone, welcome back to the CSU-Pueblo weekly (somewhat) beer review. My name’s Eric, I work at a liquor store, and I can be a real ass sometimes.The spring semester is coming to a close here at CSU-Pueblo. Finals are in two weeks and a lot of students are scrambling to catch up with all the work they’ve been putting off until the last minute. Myself included. 

I work two jobs, have a full school schedule, and I’ve been busting butt to try and get everything together and done in a scheduled and orderly fashion. Life doesn’t work that way though, and with every obstacle and hindrance I’ve become angrier and angrier and I’ve been taking it out on the people I love…especially to my girlfriend Traci.

She’s been nothing but nice and supportive to me and I’ve been acting like a complete jerk to her. I’m sorry Traci. I’m not worthy of your love.

“Yes, we all know you’re a turd” you say, “but what does this have to do with beer?” I’m getting to that. Some would say I’m a bastard on a good day, but recently I’ve been twice the bastard I usually am. Therefore it’s wholly appropriate that this week’s beer is Double Bastard Ale, brought to us by the California based Stone Brewery Company.

Double Bastard Ale is American strong ale with one hell of a kick. When poured into a glass, it has a deep red color with a foamy consistent head. It’s like a liquid brick, and it hits just as hard as a real one.

The smell is surprisingly fruity, with hints of pineapple and orange. Toffee and malt is the consistent aroma, but you can’t deny the power of the citrus.

The taste is as blunt as the beer’s name. It’s straight up alcohol and rye bread, with hints of caramel, hops, and faint citrus flavors. It’s bitter as hell, but I’m a bitter man. The alcohol is a bit overpowering, but it still tastes pretty damn good.

This is not a beer to take lightly. At 10%, it packs a serious punch, and since a 22 ounce bottle costs roughly $7.00, it’ll hit your wallet pretty hard too.

You have to spoil yourself sometimes though when times are hard, so I recommend Double Bastard Ale to all those pissed off students out there who need a powerful ale to help clear their minds of all of life’s crap and to focus on the things…and people…that make them truly happy.

Double Bastard Ale gets a 5 out of 5. So does Traci : )