Dress for success: Fourth Annual Internship and Job Fair


The fourth annual Internship and Job Fair, which gives students an opportunity to meet and network with local employers, will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 6, at the Occhiato University Center at CSU-Pueblo.

This event will be open only to CSU-Pueblo students of every academic level and degree and alumni.  

This will be a great time for students that are having trouble finding jobs to network with possible employers. Also, if students are uncertain about potential internships that are available to them, this fair can help explore new opportunities.

There will be about 40 employers at this fall’s event. “As far as fall is concerned, 400 students usually attend this event,” said Tanya Baird, the internship coordinator in the career center.

Student mingle at last spring's Internship and Job Fair. Photo courtesy of Tanya Baird, the Internship Coordinator in the Career Center

To be prepared for an event like this, students should bring their resumes, and more importantly, dress to impress. “Students seem to forget that this is the first impression and they need to step it up, so that employers know the students are taking them seriously,” Baird said.

Come prepared and dressed appropriately: To dress appropriately means to remove all piercings, cover tattoos and wear professional attire to meet these potential employers, mentioned Baird.

Students should also research the employers they are interested in. This shows the employer that the student understands the mission of that company and knows background information about the company.

Spanish Peaks Regional Health, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finish, Target and Convergy’s will be at this event. The Peace Corps and other nonprofits will also be there. The Rocky Mountain Steel Mills is a coming and they do not usually come, so there will be a different variety then there was at the spring fair, mentioned Baird.

Kathryn Robles, a 22-year old junior studying business management said the reason she is attending the event is, “to network myself professionally and learn about new opportunities that I can be prepared for after I graduate.”

Employers that are searching for upcoming spring and fall internships will be attending this fair. All employers will be accepting resumes and are there to converse with students about career options.  There will be opportunities from local, regional and national companies offered as well.

“I also what to go to see if there is an internship that could work with my current work schedule,” Robles said.

Even if a job or internship is not what a student is looking for right now, this event can help students understand the hiring procedure and interview process. Students will also be able to see what employers are looking for in future interns and employees.

“We will start sending the list out through campus email on Friday, or they can get the list off of the CareerTwolves job board.  If they are not already registered there, they can contact our office for more information,” Baird said.

For more information visit colostate-pueblo.edu/careercenter/events or visit the career center.