ELC becomes Outdoor Pursuits


rec2-003.jpgThe Experiential Learning Center has recently changed its name to Outdoor Pursuits. The change is expected to help people identify what the center actually is, student recreation, said Scott Robertshaw associate director of student recreation.

Outdoor Pursuits offers students a variety of outdoor activities such as mountain, winter, desert and canyon orientation. They also offer a challenge course and climbing wall, aquatics and fitness programs.

The whole department was updated and the name change has aligned them with those updates so that students can better understand what they are all about when coming through, and what the center has to offer, Robertshaw said.

With so many new students coming in this year, the department wants them to be able to recognize who they are and what they do, he said.

Robertshaw came up with the name of Outdoor Pursuits with input from students and everyone in the department.

People will be able to find it better when they want to Google it, Robertshaw said.
Before the name change, people were often confused about what the department was actually called. Even during tours, many would pronounce the name wrong, he said.

“Somebody said, ‘Is that the Experimental Learning Center?'” Robertshaw said.

So far, the name change has had a good return for the department. It has helped people locate the center more easily on tours and helped them understand the center’s purpose, he said.

The change was official on Aug. 25 when President Joseph Garcia announced it in his convocation speech, Robertshaw said.

Outdoor Pursuits will be offering more programs like a fitness program for classes, aerobics and swimming, he said.

Outdoor Pursuits has also moved from the basement of the OUC. It now resides in the new Recreation Center.

For more information about Outdoor Pursuits, contact them at 549-2085.