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Faculty and staff demonstrate against job cuts

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By Kara Mason

Nearly 40 Colorado State University-Pueblo faculty and staff gathered in front of the fountain to rally against proposed budget cuts, which could result in the loss of 50 university jobs.

CSU-Pueblo’s American Association of University Professors chapter organized the rally, and they said they want a say in how the budget cuts are decided.

“What may be less clear to some of you, is that job cuts are not a ‘possibility.’ They are a foregone conclusion,” said Fawn-Amber Montoya, professor of history and Chicano studies.

Earlier in the week, President Lesley Di Mare said in an email that all positions are being analyzed and suggestions for cuts by unit directors are scheduled for Dec. 18.

Many of the faculty and staff say there is no communication between deans and the departments.

“While faculty do not dismiss a need to be frugal in difficult fiscal times, we were not allowed time to discuss this situation among departments or colleges, nor were we allowed the opportunity to adequately assess the impact that immediate budgetary cuts would have on our ability to serve students and our community,” the AAUP’s statement said.

Carol Loats, president of the university’s AAUP chapter, said the deans of the colleges have a responsibility to communicate and they aren’t fulfilling it.

Staff and faculty said they want to provide more input about how the budget is balanced, because there may be other ways.

The CSU System was operating on a $200 million surplus last year. Jonathan Rees, professor of history, said it would be easy for them to bail out CSU-Pueblo, but the chancellor has already decided budget cuts are necessary.

An audience member asked, “What can we do?” Loats encouraged people to write to the administration and their state representatives.

“They (representatives) can speak with the CSU Board of Governors and the Joint Budget Committee,” Rees said.



  • Herb Souza says:

    I think it is humorous that Dr. Loats mentions communication and responsibilities.

  • A Student says:

    Again, the way finances are handled here are a joke.

    And stop preaching about how tuition didn’t go up this year because we are all paying for that now.

    If I had any other option for school I would go somewhere else but unfortunately I’m stuck with this place.

  • Rita Morgan says:

    CSU-Pueblo is getting ready to spend large sums of money for two new buildings. Why not use that money to keep the current staff members from losing their jobs instead? Why not upgrade some of your computer equipment? Here is an idea, if the University is going to spend money on new structures, why not build a separate building for the English Department? My classes have been all over the campus. Psychology, Hassan, Music, Math, etc. Yes, I understand the need for cut backs, but eliminating a large number of ‘our’ staff is not the way to ease the burden. It is instead increasing the burden on the remaining staff because they now have to take on extra work loads (without an increase in pay I’m sure). Guess what, if it becomes too difficult, the remaining staff could move on too. These cutbacks will have a trickledown effect. It can and will cause stress on CSU-Pueblo Students. The instructors won’t have time to focus on the students needs, thus causing a decrease in student success. Have you listened to word of mouth lately, it is saying, that CSU-Pueblo is, well “getting a bad name!” If I don’t have an opportunity for success via my instructor and the staff who support them, then I fail and have wasted my money. Yes, money is important. That is why I am here as a student, CSU-Pueblo’s reputation used to proceed itself. However, when push comes to shove, I can always go elsewhere! This isn’t the only educational foundation in the country!

  • Rita Morgan says:

    In order to fill empty positions, will Work Study Students be hired to replace some of the eliminated workers? If the Governmnet pays it, more the better for CSU!

  • Jessi says:

    No doubt these cuts are meant to compensate for the cost of the new plans the Provost has presented (without consulting staff or students). The changes the Provost proposes are ridiculous and unncecissary in the very least! And now many good teachers are facing the possibility of unemployment as a price. This is unacceptable!!! CSUP encourages the teacher certification programs, but what motivation will students have to make a difference in the lives of future students if good teachers now are being lost before their eyes? Even if we ignore that detail, it cannot be ignored that these decisions proposed by the Provost and the Dean will negatively impact hundreds of lives, not just the fired teachers and their families. This is a direct affront to the students and all the citizens of the community. Everyone will be impacted when CSUP crumbles as a result of these ill-conceived ventures.

  • Engineering Student says:

    I have an idea. How about we stop putting 40 mill into an updated OUC and use that to keep the faculty and staff???? Seriously how can you throw so much into something so minimal when you find out you have to cut out the people who are teaching the ways of the world????//

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