Faculty senate votes to clean up handbook


The faculty handbook will soon be revised and condensed becuase of similar info found on other parts of the school’s website. Photo courtesy of mourgefile.com.
The Faculty Senate has decided to do away with the Faculty Information Manual because much of the information which is available through it has become available through other sources.

The motion to do away with the FIM was brought before the Faculty Senate for a second reading and a vote on Monday, Oct. 29. The Faculty Senate voted unanimously to discontinue the FIM and remove it from the Faculty Handbook webpage.

Most of the information found in the FIM covers services such as auxiliary and academic support, which go through frequent changes. Therefore, keeping the information in the manual up to date is “difficult and time consuming,” according to the official motion.

Most of the information available through the FIM has also become available through various branches of the university’s website, making the entire manual obsolete except for Chapter Four.

“Chapter Four of the Faculty Information Manual details academic policies, procedures and processes for which primary responsibility does and should lie with faculty,” the motion said.

Chapter Four of the manual contains information which is required that the university share with students. However, this information is also provided in the University Catalog, thus fulfilling the university’s obligation, according to the motion.

“Rather than duplicate this information in two different documents, it would make sense for the University Catalog to become the sole repository of current academic policies,” the motion said.

The Faculty Handbook Committee wants to have a cleaner version of the Faculty Handbook on CSU-Pueblo’s website by the end of this semester, said Janet Barnett, the co-chair of the Faculty Handbook Committee.