Flair Affair: Paranormal Investigators (Episode #3)


Do you believe in ghosts?

Flair Affair cast & crew joined Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers as they investigated the Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City, Colorado on October 24, 2010.

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  Episode #3

Host: Nikki Martinez
Created & Directed by: C.M. Gray
Written & Produced by: Nikki Martinez & C.M. Gray
Music: Kevin MacLeod
Videography & Editing: C.M Gray
Field Asstistant: Jessica Stecco & AJ Dome
Photography: Ye Ming & Andrew Padilla

Special thanks to:

Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers
The Holy Cross Abbey

Front Page

Here’s the follow-up to the Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers’ investigation regarding the Abbey in Canon City, Colorado. Let us know what your thoughts are concering what we discovered on our digital recordings.