Flobots: Much more than hip-hop


flobots2.jpg“Give me your tired, your poor…” Emma Lazarus wrote long ago. Though these words are written on the Statue of Liberty, I’m sure that she wasn’t talking about the music scene, especially the hip-hop genre.

Hip-hop for the past few years has started to deteriorate our poor ears. It seems like hip-hop songs only want to talk about loose women and coast wars. Our ears get tired of the same thing and crave something different to enjoy.

Just when we were about to give up on the hip-hop genre, a band named Flobots showed up on the music scene.

Originating from Denver, Flobots started to make their mark on the West Coast, especially after opening for the up-and-coming piano rock band the Fray in August.

Flobots made a huge impact on the crowd; overshadowing the second opening act’s performance and making the audience anticipate the release of their debut album, Fight With Tools.

With the band now signed by Universal Records, Flobots is starting to take control of the country, with the release of the “Handlebars” video on YouTube and tour stops across the U.S.

Their music has a little bit for everyone. In the first listen of their song “Handlebars,” their song starts off with a classical melody but quickly moves to a hip-hop rhythm with an unmistakable rock sound.

In spite of all this, their record isn’t overpowering. Flobots’ blends of the music genres are so seamless, you are still able to enjoy the genre of your choice without the feeling that you have gone into musical territory that you are not familiar with.

The lyrics aren’t bad either. Flobots’ lyrics have a positive message that makes you think, but the messages are mild enough to make you not feel guilty. Flobots’ music is social awareness set to a hip-hop rhythm that will leave your tired ears wanting more.

Flobots new album, Fight With Tools, will be released May 20.