Halloween: the scene on campus


Students prepare for another Halloween at CSU-Pueblo. Photo courtesy of photobucket.com.
The students might have less time and opportunity to celebrate Halloween this year, but that does not mean the Halloween season is over.

Students have to decide on whether to focus on school, work or celebrate Halloween this week. The past weekend involved some people dressed up in costumes and the Halloween scene was “dead.” Halloween costumes have diverted from sexy and have moved on to the theme of zombies.

Haunted houses and costume parties were the places to go throughout Pueblo during the weekend, but the numbers were quite low for the week of Halloween. Maybe things will turn up on the day of Halloween.

CSU-Pueblo’s Medical Science Society and Biology club hosted their annual haunted house this last weekend and things seemed to go well.

“It was successful, because it served its purpose,” Ashley Glasser said. “We raised money, and we thrive to provide an alcohol free alternative to typical Halloween activities.”

For those who weren’t looking for an alcohol-free alternative, went to Andy Mac’s Sports Grill. “6 Feet Under” was a costume party that had prizes for people that showed up dressed up. The big give-a-way on Saturday was tickets for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

“People participated and dressed up, and we were busier than usual,” said Jon Bougeno, owner of Andy Macs. “But there was no record-high attendance.”

“6 Feet Under” will be returning on Halloween night to give people another chance to dress up and win prizes.

The events on-campus and off-campus for Halloween, will come to an end on
Wednesday night. The Halloween decorations will come down and the Thanksgiving decorations will go up.