Hannafious takes grants administrator position

Linda Hannafious was named the new grants administrator in December. Photo courtesy of http://www.colostate-pueblo.edu

The grants administrator isn’t the easiest job. The job requires someone who is capable of multi-tasking at once.

Hannafious worked at Habitat for Humanity for over seven years as a grant writer, before coming to CSU-Pueblo

A grant writer is a different than a grant administrator. As a writer, Hannafious would be the one who actually wrote the grants, a task that Hannafious said was tiring.

As grants administrator, Hannafious is responsible for finding grants for the university.  Grants help fund and support the growth of the academic programs at the school.

These grants fund research and sponsor projects, allowing faculty and staff to become more educated in their field that they teach, because research is part of something faculty members have to do.

To receive grants, the administrator needs to submit proposals. Faculty members write the proposals, but the administrator oversees the proposals.

The administrator also processes the paperwork and applications, gives out the grants and ensures that the money is spent accordingly.

Being in an administrative position, Hannafious works just as hard, but she doesn’t have to write handfuls of grants at a time.

The Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Kristina Proctor, said that being a successful writer requires a number of skills.

“You have to be good writer, and you have to be able to conceptualize what you need and want from a grant,” Proctor said.

In her position at CSU-Pueblo, Hannafious works to ensure that grants are found, so the university may grow in its academics.

“That’s what makes the value of your education here better,” Proctor said.

“Grants are normally extremely technical,” Hannafious said.

When asked why she left Habitat for Humanity to come here to CSU-Pueblo, Hannafious said she was glad to come back and give back to the college that gave her and education.

“People help each other,” Hannafious said.

Hannafious has only been at CSU-Pueblo for a couple of months.  She is still getting to know the faculty, but she says that everyone has been really great to get to know.

“Hannafious was a person of high-integrity, was very personable and professional,” Proctor said.

“I want to send as many leads as possible to help the staff find resources, and I to sustain and build the future for the college,” Hannafious said about her goal for the future.