Homecoming pep rally with free pork provided

Colorado State University-Pueblo arranged a pig roast and pep rally Friday, Oct. 23 to bring school spirit to Homecoming week.

The rally, which was organized by Nicky Damania, director of student activites, consisted of performances by the CSU-Pueblo cheerleading team, marching band and Soul Steppers team.

A crowd gathers as the roasted pig is cut. photo by Britteny Whatley
A crowd gathers as the roasted pig is cut. photo by Britteny Whatley

Many watched the performances then left after the cooked pork was served.   

Julia Barnett, 18, freshman and mass communications major, also works as a staff member for Office of Student Activities. 

Barnet said the number of students who attended the pep rally and pig roast surprised her, considering the chilly weather.  Unfortunately, she said, the bonfire was canceled because of fire code regulations.    

“We’re hoping they’ll get a lot of enthusiasm for the game tomorrow and realize student activities does fun things (events) like this,” Barnett said. The intent, she said, was to start a ritual with Homecoming week. 

Holly Mayer, 19, freshman and majoring in psychology and English, performed with the Soul Steppers team.  She said she was nervous and excited to perform.  Mayer said the team practiced nearly every day for two weeks prior to the team’s performance. 

Mayer said she was excited to see the marching band and music festival

Abby Romero, 18, freshman and nursing major, is a cheerleader and was in the rally with the CSU-Pueblo cheerleading team and said she attended to support ThunderWolves football team.

Mark Bush is an intern as an events manager at the Office of Student Activities.  He said he attended because he worked the Thunder Down Under Music Fest. 

Bush said one goal of Homecoming week was to have live music because of the positive turnouts of the 2009 Spring Concert with Ludacris and 3oh!3 performance Sept.7 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds.  

He also said the outcome of the Homecoming week events was good.

“It may not be the colossal success we want it to be with thousands of people out here,” Bush said.  However, he said it will take time for the campus to establish a tradition which may result in more students attending future Homecoming week events.