Up with People CEO visits business students


 The brisk air and bright sunshine drew campus students over to the Hasan School of Business Pavilion to check out the live music and to enjoy a carmel apple, roasted chestnuts and a cup of hot apple cider. The event was hosted by the Hasan School of Business Dean’s Advisory Council and is one of the film and lecture series that are being planned.

The event was held on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at the HSB Pavilion from noon to 3 p.m. The day’s events continued with the showing of the film, Boiler Room and distinguished speaker, Tommy Spaulding, CEO for Up with People.

The Dean’s Advisory Council is business students who plan events under the direction of Malia Sissom, special assistant to chairs and the dean of HSB. The Hansan Business program is working on making education one of the greatest experiences here at CSU-Pueblo, Advisor Stig Jantz said. He and others in HSB hope to make their program one of the best business schools around.

In July 2005, Tommy Spaulding was chosen as president and named CEO for Up with People. He also announced that Up with People was in alliance with Leader’s Challenge, a non-profit youth organization which he founded in Denver, Colorado.

His speech was titled, “Red, White, and YOU: The Way Citizenship, Volunteerism and Leadership Can Transform a Nation.”

Spaulding began his speech by saying, “Up with People is about changing lives.”

He told students how he struggled through high school and how he overcame dyslexia, which allowed him to graduate from college.

 “If you add my high school and college GPA together, I would be a perfect 4.0,” said Spaulding.

When he was seventeen, Up with People visited his high school. He told how one of the cast members invited him to be at the show and he and his girlfriend decided to attend. He told how his heart was touched by the music and envisioned himself as a member of the Up with People cast. After completing summer school to graduate from high school, he joined Up with People.

Spaulding was sent to Japan to teach English. He said he was a little worried that he was going to teach English to Japanese people because he could barely speak the language himself. Spaulding said his experience in Japan taught him to respect others and how life is all about the way you treat other people.

Spaulding went on to encourage students to help make changes and assume ownership of their communities. He also encouraged students to volunteer in their community.

“Community service should be an honor, a way to learn new things, a ‘reward,’ something that a person would be recognized for instead of a punishment for any wrong doing,” Spaulding said.

Students were encouraged to take charge, use their educational learning to become leaders to make improvements in their communities. He also said that raising money and awareness and building relationships would make communities a better place to live.

Up with People continues bringing young people together from all over the world. They are ignited with energy teaching leadership skills and encouraging peace and friendship within all races.

He completed his speech by saying, “Value your quality time with your family and friends as America is the greatest country in the world!”