IJM chapter a possibility for CSU-Pueblo


Interest from CSU-Pueblo students to start an International Justice Mission chapter on campus has been raised since an IJM representative presented the organization to 78 students Oct. 20.

Photo courtesy of face-foundation.com.

Libby Swenson, an IJM spokeswoman, gave her presentation on the organization’s actual mission in the Life Science Auditorium.

Swenson presented on the organization’s work overseas combating various forms of forced slavery and human trafficking. Swenson also shared her own experiences witnessing these acts firsthand and video testimonies of individuals who were freed from slavery by the IJM organization.

After the presentation, Swenson opted to stay back and speak with any individuals who were interested in more information, and for any individuals who were interested to start an IJM chapter on the CSU-Pueblo campus.

Seventeen students stayed behind to talk with Swenson and 15 of those students exchanged contact information so that they could stay in communication with one another in the event that an IJM student club could be formed. 

If there is an IJM student organization formed on the campus, its main goals would be to raise funds for IJM and raise awareness of human trafficking and other social issues on campus. 

If there is enough interest so an IJM chapter can be formed at the university, it would be student led, as the IJM organization does not have a base in Pueblo. However, the organization would provide students with documentation and guides on how to start a chapter, as well as provide various tools and media for creating awareness for its cause. 

For a new student organization to be formed, the potential club must have several things before it can register. There must be five registered members, a mission statement declaring the purpose of the organization and a constitution that outlines the rules and regulations of the club. Once these stipulations have been met, then the club can register with the Office of Student Activities.

The five required members to make up the organization would be the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member-at-large. 

Currently, the prospects of a chapter being started are still in its early stages of planning and there isn’t a current student heading up the process.

More information for those interested in helping to start an IJM chapter can send an e-mail to nick.mcree@gmail.com.