Italian students will immerse themselves in the language


Students at Colorado State University-Pueblo now have an excuse to have a great summer.

The foreign language department is hosting a month-long trip to Perugia, Italy.

According to the foreign language department Web site, Perugia is located in the region of Umbria and is less than two hours from Florence and Rome by train.


Students will be studying at the University of Foreigners where they will have an opportunity to learn the Italian language at a fast pace through intensive language study and immersion in the Italian culture, the foreign language Web site said.

According to the Web site, the program can only accommodate students who would like to start or continue studying Italian. The program also accepts students who are in the advanced levels of the language. Those students have the chance to take courses in Italian literature, art history, history, music and other subjects.

The University of Foreigners in Perugia, Italy is the oldest and most prestigious Italian institution in Italy. The university is involved in research and learning activities as well as the mix of language and civilization in all disciplines, the foreign language Web site said.

According to the Web site, in 1921 Astorre Lupattelli dedicated his life to raising a person’s awareness of Umbria throughout Italy and abroad. He decided to start the university so people would be able to learn about its institutions as well at its beauty and artistic history.

Visiting students will live in apartments in the city center near the university, the foreign language Web site said.

Though Perugia is vaguely heard of, it boasts one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. The Umbria Jazz Festival hosts talented local and world-famous jazz musicians, according to the foreign language Web site.

Students traveling have the chance to take a walk down Perugia’s main street or enjoy a drink in the Piazza.  A piazza is the town’s main square. They can also take a day trip to the nearby city of Gubbio, the Web site said.

Movie buffs can take a trip to Cortona. The city is featured in the book and film “Under The Tuscan Sun.”

According to foreign language Web site, the month of July is horse racing season. Siena holds its world renowned race known as Il Palio in the Piazza de Campo.

Students can also tour chocolate factories and see the production of the world-famous chocolates, the foreign language Web site said.