Jugglers and chainsaws



Chainsaws, Implants, Stun Guns Oh my!!

When you think of jugglers you usually think of rubber balls and bats, but when Mad Chad Taylor took the stage at Colorado State University Pueblo, the audience saw a different side to juggling.

I saw a different side to Taylor when he started juggling breast implants and told a hilarious story of how they became a regular part of his show. Watching Taylor juggle stunguns was a crowd favorite as they cheered loudly and the stunguns flew through the air.

I was thoroughly impressed when Taylor started juggling three chainsaws and then, for the finale, he balanced on a skate board that was on top of a wheel balanced on top of a box while juggling a chainsaw and two rubber balls.

I highly recommend going to see Mad Chad Taylor’s act the next time he is on campus or watching the next time he’s on Jay Leno.