Letter from the editor


Dear readers,

Since the start of summer, CSU-Pueblo TODAY has published material from three outside contributors and is preparing to publish a fourth submission. CSU-Pueblo would like to thank these people for their contributions, and we encourage everyone to keep the submissions coming.

Regrettably, many people do not submit material because they believe they will not make a difference, or that their work is not good enough for publication. However, you will never know if your work is suitable for publication unless you contact and share your ideas with us. There is nothing more useless than an unexplored idea.

Each week, the CSU-Pueblo TODAY staff meets to discuss product-enhancing ideas, and our online editor incorporates many of these ideas into our publication. Obviously, not every idea works; however, many ideas do work, and it is because of these ideas that our product continues to grow. Contributions from you, the readers, can only enhance our product.

CSU-Pueblo TODAY, without question, continues to generate interest and grow. As I have mentioned before, the creative possibilities are limited to your imagination and flexibility. Everyone benefits when you share your talent.

So, contact and share your ideas with us. With the amount of talent on campus, I’m surprised we don’t hear from more of you. Hopefully, this will change as CSU-Pueblo TODAY draws closer to the fall semester.

William J. Dagendesh is editor in chief of CSU-Pueblo TODAY. You can contact him at www.csupueblotoday.com.

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