Local band “Son of Man” now recording


A local Pueblo band has caused quite the stir among Pueblo fans and has begun recording this month. The five members of Son of Man have been playing together for five years now.

Members Brandan Bustamante, lead singer, Mo Valdez and Matty Herrera, guitar, Josh Ewing, Bass, and Brandan Gonzales, drums came together so many years ago out of what was at first seemingly a mistake. Son of Man began with all original members except for Bustamante.

Son of Man had a different singer for only a few months until he decided to leave the band. The band was left without a singer until February of 2004, when Bustamante came along and the band really began to find their identity as a group.

“A ton of shows, hard practice and amazing friends; not to mention being around each other almost every day for the last five years,” got Son of Man where they are today said Bustamante.

That ‘ton of shows’ has been all over the Midwest states. They have played many of the theatres in Colorado including the Gothic, Bluebird, Ogden, and Oriental in Denver and Zipper’s and Phil’s Radiator here in town.

As far as the Pueblo music scene goes, they think that it’s great.

“There are a lot of talented people in this town,” said Bustamante. “There are not many opportunities for bands, however, when bands do set up shows, they are greatly supported by the kids of this town. That’s always great to see,” he added.

Son of Man makes it a point to support local bands because they said that that’s the only way their style of music will survive in such a small town.

“The support of others makes the bands work harder and in turn the standard is raised higher,” said Bustamante of his fellow Pueblo bands.

Son of Man said they are following wherever their careers take them right now but feel that they don’t really have to leave Pueblo and think it would be great to make it from Pueblo. Their dream as a band  would be to go on tour permanently and play a new city every night. Their careers have taken them to Flatline Recording where they were busy recording new songs for an upcoming album. 

Recording wrapped March 14.