Local brew fest offers tastes of Colorado


The Big Bear Brew Fest, held at the Pueblo Convention Center Saturday, brought hundreds of people out for a night of beer and liquor samplings. More than 50 different breweries from all over the state of Colorado came together to offer more than 100 different samples to the people of Pueblo.

After entering the festival, participants were given a complimentary Big Bear lanyard with a tasting cup attached. The booths advertising different breweries and businesses were packed inside the Convention Center, allowing participants to easily taste and enjoy the craft beers, moonshine and whiskies.

Big Bear Brew Fest Photo by Sammi Hathaway
Big Bear Brew Fest
Photo by Sammi Hathaway

“The variety of beer was unbelievable,” said Colorado State University-Pueblo senior Emily Nicolopoulos.

It didn’t take long for participants to establish favorites either. Hundreds of people returned to the Blue Moon booth to receive what could only be explained as pumpkin pie in liquid form.

San Luis Valley Brewing Company’s brew of a completely different flavor, Green Chile Ale, was also a crowd favorite.

“I can’t really explain it,” said a representative for the SLV Brewing Company. “Just try it.”

Although the participants sported everything from miniskirts to leather jackets and jeans, many of them shared a common accessory, a necklace made of pretzels.

Colorado native, Sara Garrison explained, “The pretzels are to clean your palate. After a couple samples, they all start to taste the same, so you eat a pretzel in between each beer.”

The pretzels, brews, and lighthearted people made for another great festival in Pueblo. Big Bear was pleased with the turnout and hopes to host another in the future.