“Losing Ground” Presentation coming to CSU-Pueblo

Photo courtesy of rmpbs.org.
“Losing Ground,” an I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS production, will be coming to Colorado State University- Pueblo on March 21. Photo courtesy of rmpbs.org.

I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS will be presenting their study, “Losing Ground,” on Colorado State University- Pueblo’s campus on March 21.

I-News is a news organization which specializes in in-depth journalism on public interest topics, according to their website.

Their latest study, “Losing Ground,” will be presented on March 21 in the Aspen Leaf Room in the Occhiato University Center, from 5:30-7 p.m.

“Losing Ground” is a study which looks at the progress of Latinos and blacks, the two major ethnic minorities in Colorado, and whether they are keeping pace with whites.

“The analysis shows racial and ethnic inequities in the state to a surprising degree. Latinos and blacks have not kept pace with whites in most measures,” the fact sheet said.

Some specific areas looked at in the study include poverty levels, incarceration rates, infant mortality rates and education, and is based on six decades of U.S. Census Bureau data, according to the fact sheet.

The study also includes interviews with academic experts, community leaders, politicians and residents who offer their views on why these differences exist, and how they think it can be solved.

The material made available includes a list of action opportunities and a discussion guide to encourage people to start conversations with others on this topic.

For more information on this event, contact Trisha Pocius at 719-543-8800.