Male models needed for campus fashion show


The Career Center at Colorado State University-Pueblo is in desperate need of student male models, and many other volunteers, for its first fashion show focused on educating students on how to dress for success.

Venessa Gietl, producer for the fashion show, “CSU-Pueblo Fashion Sense 2010,” said she is still in need of at least five male models, two hosts, five student judges, security guards and a D. J. for the event to be a success.

However, Gietl said she admits she is in great need of male models. She said she received a lot of interest for female models after sending out her first e-mail regarding the fashion show; now she said she needs some men to step up.
All types and sizes of male models are welcome, Gietl said, and experience is not necessary.

“The less experience, the better in my book, “Gietl said. “That way they’re in the same boat as everyone else (all other students).”

The show is expected to take place on Feb. 17, around 11:30 a.m., and run for an hour. The models will need to be available for about an hour before the show and an hour after the show, Gietl said.

Any student who is interested in helping with the show must contact Gietl in the Career Center, in the Occhiato University Center, at least three to seven days before the show.

The focus of the fashion show is to educate students on how they should dress when approaching the professional world, Gietl said.

“Fashion is consistently changing,“ Gietl said.

The trend of how professionals are currently dressing is of big interest because she said she plans to imply those styles into the fashion show.

Gietl also said nontraditional student Karen Renous, who was the “go-to person” in Human Resources for how to dress professionally, will be helping with the fashion show.

Presently, she said Maurices is the only company tailoring models and contributing clothing to the fashion show. Gietl said she is working with local companies in Pueblo, as well as companies such as Dillard’s, JC Penny’s and Kohl’s to lend clothing for the show.

Gietl said she hopes the companies will work with her to offer some discount coupons for the student judges, but she said otherwise, students will not be compensated for their performances and must return the clothing after the show.

Although there is no compensation, Gietl said the experience could be used on students’ resumes. She said the experience can apply to any student because it will help build teamwork skills, communication skills and public speaking skills. She also said she is hoping to get the students who perform, and help with audio, a video copy of the performance.

Gietl said she is hoping the show will become an annual event because the learning experience is better for students than if they held classes or seminars on how to dress professionally.