Meet the ASG candidate for Senator of Student Activities


Alicia Beaver: Senator of Student Activities

Age: 20
Year: sophomore
Party: Revamp
Opponent: Gerson Lopez (LIVEGREEN)
Major/Minor: mass communications emphasis in integrated communications/ marketing

Why did you decide to run for the Associated Students’ Government?
I am running for the ASG because I feel that currently OSA is not being properly and/or respectively represented. I will be a positive representative of OSA and give OSA a voice in ASG.

What changes would you like to see at Colorado State University-Pueblo?
Some changes that I would like to see at CSU-Pueblo:
– Having ASG more public with the student body
– Increasing student involvement
– Giving students an active voice on campus
How do you or your party plan on carrying out these changes?
We plan to do the following to carry out these changes:
– Remain persistent throughout the year
– Encourage students in a positive way to make them aware that they have a voice and will be heard
– Publicize ASG better to make students aware of the ease of accessibility of ASG (if Revamp gets into office)
– Let the students know that ASG members are students, too, and we are on their level
In one sentence explain why students should vote for you.
Students should vote for me because I am passionate about student activities and my dedication to OSA will allow me to be the best advocate for the student body through ASG.