Meet the ASG candidates for President for Finance and Administration


Tommy Farrell: President for Finance and Administration

Running mate: Kayleen St. Louis
Age: 22
Year: senior
Major/Minor: political science/ women’s studies
Party: Revamp

Why did you decide to run for the Associated Students’ Government?
My personal leadership motto is “leadership through service.” It is important for students to have a leader who is willing to serve their fellow students for the betterment of campus. This is something I would strive to uphold and my eagerness to help others is why I decided to run.

What changes would you like to see at Colorado State University-Pueblo?
The specific changes we would like to see are outlined in Revamp’s platform, but in general, we are seeking to provide a safe, fun and open environment to our fellow students.

How do you or your party plan on carrying out these changes?
Revamp is a party eager to talk to students about issues on campus. Many of us have great working relationships with campus administration and we would be able to effectively seek out solutions to issues presented to us by students.

In one sentence explain why students should vote for you.
The Revamp party is concerned with your issues and wants to help make your stay on campus the best it can be!