Meet the ASG candidates for Vice President for Finance and Administration


Kayleen St Louis: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Age: 22
Year: senior
Party: Revamp
Major/Minor: English

Why did you decide to run for the Associated Students’ Government?
I have spent the last few years volunteering my time to different committees such as the Student Fees committee, Student organizational funding Committee, and Special Events Committee. These committees have kind of led me down this path to run for ASG. I am very passionate in my belief that students should have a voice in everything that happens on our campus.

What changes would you like to see at Colorado State University-Pueblo?
CSU-Pueblo is a great place to go to school but there are a few things I would like to see Revamped on campus: campus security, school spirit, an increase in ASG transparency and more accountability on how student fees are spent.

How do you or your party plan on carrying out these changes?
The addition of $200,000 worth of lighting that is in the works is a great start but it does not seem to be enough to make the campus safer. We need better working call boxes and I think cameras for campus should be looked into. We have seen an increase in school spirit since the return of the football team, but I think creating more opportunities for student to show school spirit might be one step in the right direction. To increase the communication between students and ASG, I would like to see more ways to get your feedback to ASG besides just going to a meeting or using the online form. If anything, I would like to see comment boxes that are well labeled and easy to find in every building. I would also like to see ASG members hosting tables to see solicit concerns. Also, in this age of technology, I don’t see a reason you can’t just text ASG your concerns or questions.

In one sentence explain why students should vote for you.
I belong to a party that is willing to listen to what students have to say and we are willing to do what we can to help, so if you want a voice vote Revamp.