Meet the candidates for Senator of Residence Life


Amber Willems: Senator of Residence Life

Age: 18
Year: sophomore
Major/Minor: mass communications emphasis in integrated communication, leadership studies
Party: Revamp

Why did you decide to run for the Associated Students’ Government?
I am already involved on campus and I want to represent the student voice

What changes would you like to see at Colorado State University-Pueblo?
I would like a campus with better appeal. This includes everything from adding color to campus to making it cleaner.

How do you or your party plan on carrying out these changes?
We (the Revamp Party) will work with campus staff to find practical solutions with out unnecessary spending of student fees.

In one sentence explain why students should vote for you.
I will push for needed changes for residence life, I am willing to listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions and make living on campus as great of an experience as possible.