Be your own mix master


We all have our presets on our stereos set to the best stations Pueblo has to offer. We can’t help it. Some of our friends and family are not into the same music we are into.

Music is quite powerful. It what unites all of us. People in foreign countries know the words to American tunes.

Mixing genres of music is not new. It never has been. Remember Elvis? In his career he crossed over into the many genres including country, soul, gospel and rock n’ roll.

Faith Hill has crossed over from country to pop. Jessica Simpson crossed over from pop to country. It will never stop. Music has no barriers. It sees no color, race or creed. That is one reason why I love music.

There have been a few successful ‘mash ups’. Aerosmith got together with Run DMC to collaborate on “Walk This Way”. Anthrax got together with Public Enemy for “Bring The Noise”. Linkin Park got together with Jay-Z to make the “Collision Course” album. Kid Rock and Lil’ Wayne have performed on stage together many times.

Country Music Television has had a long, successful run with their television show “Crossroads,” where Grammy winning and nominated artists from all genres sing each other’s songs on stage such as Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson and Taylor Swift and Def Leppard.

Rock, rap and country aren’t the only genres to get together. Dance/electronica has remixes or beats featuring mainstream artists. Years ago, Delerium remixed Sarah McLachlan’s song, “Silence” into a dance/electronica version.

Ne-Yo and Akon have both experimented with this genre. Akon has a dance/electronica beat to his most recent hit, “Right Now (Na Na Na)”. Ne-Yo’s most recent hit, “Closer” also has a dance/electronica beat.

Disc jockeys have been known to mix up genres on their radio stations as well. DJs performing live often mix different genres together such as Z-Trip and Mr. Dibbs.

In some weird way, these forms of mixing genres of music have surprised many people. The sound is quite unique no matter what genres are involved. Music continues to evolve itself into a life of its own and will continue to over time.