Movie review: “The Unborn”


 “The Unborn” lives up to the stereotypes of the countless horror movies before it.The film, which is now in theaters, stars Odette Yustman who plays a college student who is being haunted by a demon of a twin. After babysitting her young neighbor, Casey Beldon is seeing visions of a little boy, who tells her that “Jumpy” wants to be born.

Not knowing who Jumpy is, she asks her dad and finds out that she had a twin brother that died in the womb, who her parents called “Jumpy”. Not knowing much about her unborn brother because of her mother’s death, she finds her grandmother who tells Casey about her experiences in a concentration camp.

Casey’s grandmother tells her about how a demon possessed her brother, who she killed, after an experiment done by a Nazi doctor, and how the demon tried to come through Casey’s twin and killed the child. Now the demon wants to kill Casey.

The movie does a good job of explaining the reason behind the haunting, so you’re not left guessing about the background of the story. The film doesn’t leave you wondering why the demon won’t leave her alone and gives the movie at least a hint of a storyline. If you are still bored, the special effects toward the end try to hold your attention a little longer.
Even with those things the movie is still the stereotypical horror movie. “The Unborn” tries to frighten with gore – which only scares people who are squeamish – and lacks the psychological fear tactics that the best horror movies have.

The repetition of the demon randomly haunting the main character is annoying. It’s obvious when something frightening will happen, creating those “don’t go in there” moments.

The dream sequences are pointless, too. She’s being haunted by a demon, we get it.

“The Unborn” is a must see if you like textbook horror movies with predictable story lines and there is nothing else to watch except reruns of “30 Rock.”