New bill may give students, faculty voting power


By Candice Geier

CSU-Pueblo Students and faculty members could soon be allowed to vote on important university issues at Colorado State University Board of Governors meetings.

The state legislature will be voting Feb. 10, on changes that have the potential to give a voice and more voting power to the students and faculty of both CSU-Pueblo and CSU-Fort Collins.

Steve Titus, president of CSU-Pueblo’s Associated Student Government, has been advocating for the right to vote since taking office two years ago, he said.

“Having the bill written and actually have a chance to be reality is remarkable,” Titus said.

Currently, one student and one faculty member from each university attend board meetings. However, these representatives cannot vote on issues, but can advise the members of the board, according to the BOG website.Art courtesy of judicial.umwblogs.org.

If House Bill 11-011 is passed, one student and one faculty representative will have the right to vote on important issues concerning the Colorado State University system during BOG meetings, according to the website. However, there will only be one faculty and one student representative from either CSU-Pueblo or CSU-Fort Collins that will have voting power.

The representatives from CSU-Pueblo are Jennifer Mullen, chair of the Mass Communications and Center for New Media department, and Titus, who will represent the student body. From CSU-Fort Collins, Cooper Anderson will represent the students and Dan Turk will represent the faculty.  

The two additional votes will increase the voting members on the board from nine to 11 and if passed, the new regulations will be implemented later in the year.