New domain name spells changes for web addresses and email

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The IT department at CSU-Pueblo has started transitioning to a new and shorter domain name.  The change in the domain name will not only affect the web page (from colostate-pueblo.edu to csupueblo.edu), but also the email addresses of students and faculty.

Current email addresses will work until February 2, 2015.  However, everyone is encouraged to start giving out the new email address.  Both the current and the new email addresses should work throughout the transition.

Student emails will now end with @pack.csupueblo.edu.  All faculty and staff emails will end with @csupueblo.edu.

“The transition is a process,” said Jim Wiley, IT director for the CSU-Pueblo Associated Students’ Government.  “This is a positive change for the university because it brings us up to the technical standard by getting rid of the hyphen.”  Wiley also stated that it removes the possibility of confusion caused by the hyphen.

The new web address, www.csupueblo.edu, will redirect to the existing website.  The redirect allows the campus to start adding the new domain to stationery, business cards, new publications and advertising.

Chief Information Officer, Erich Matola, estimates that the cost of the change will be minimal and will mostly consist of labor.

A press release dated Aug. 14 was issued and is available from the External Affairs office for those seeking additional information.