New Enrollment Tactics Pay Off at CSU-Pueblo


New recruitment strategies at CSU-Pueblo have paid off with a ten percent enrollment increase over last year, according to Joe Marshall.

The majority of the increase constitutes new student freshmen as CSU-Pueblo has almost doubled enrollment of new freshmen since last year.

The increase in enrollment may be due to the fact that CSU-Pueblo “contacted a lot more prospective students much earlier in the cycle than we’ve ever done in the past,” said Marshall.

Direct mail pieces were sent out to targeted, specific areas out of state such as California, Illinois, Texas, and Hawaii, since research pointed out opportunity for enrollment in these areas.

Out of state recruitment focused in those areas, and it “seems to have paid off,” said Marshall.

Once CSU-Pueblo was able to get the interest of possible future students, recruitment held their interest with information on the many activities going on, according to Marshall.

The activities highlighted to prospective students included athletics, the new recreation center, the upcoming Thunderwolve’s football, the new CSU-P president, and the new housing.

A 250 bed dormitory is in the process of being built and will be completed July 15, 2009, just in time for the new school year.

The new housing will be located next to the recreation field and will be the first of three, according to Marshall.

CSU-Pueblo publications are changing; a brand new admissions website was just released at gocsupueblo.com, according to Marshall

In the coming years there will be many more new and exciting things happening and recruitment strategies are taking advantage of the movement to draw in new students, said Marshall.